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Recent photos from Glacier National Park, the Rocky Mountain Front and elsewhere.
ChoteauCam pages are ephemeral and may change. Last updated February 27, 2023.
All photos are Copyright 2010-2023 by Ear Mountain Photography. Prints of photos can be ordered. Copyright Notice.
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Slategoat Mountain:
June 27-30, 2013:
A 4 day trek in the Bob Marshall Wilderness to climb this remote peak.
One Last Glacier Park Adventure with a
Great Friend: July 12-14, 2022:
Accepting the challenge of water and dense brush.
A Summer Excursion to the Chinese Wall:
July 24-31, 2012:
An 8 day backpack in the Bob Marshall Wilderness
A Backpack to Green Fork and Halfmoon:
June 23-28, 2022:
Great views in the Scapegoat Wilderness.
Three Sisters and a Fiesty Redhead:
July 6-12, 2012:
A traverse of four remote summits in the Bob Marshall Wilderness.
Climbing Twin Peaks in the Bob Marshall
Wilderness: June 6-10, 2016:
Lots of solitude and three peaks.
Crown and Scapegoat Mountains:
June 26-30, 2012:
Fantastic Views from new summits.
A Backpack to the North Wall:
August 8-15, 2015:
A nice backpack during a very hot August.
A Journey to Glenns Creek in the Bob:
May 31 - June 3, 2012:

A little wet but photographing an elk calf was great!
Silvertip Mountain:
July 11-15, 2015:
Climbing one of the sentinel mountains of the Bob Marshall Wilderness.
Another Chinese Wall Adventure:
September 16-23, 2011:
8 days featuring the beauty of the wilderness and the seasons first snow storm.
Chinese Wall Traverse: July 10-17, 2013
An 8 day trek in the Bob Marshall Wilderness to climb 5 peaks and hike the top of the wall.
Chinese Wall Adventures: A 6 day, 65 mile walk past this famous formation in the Bob Marshall Wilderness. With links to several other more recent Chinese Wall Trips.