Three Sisters and a Feisty Redhead
A traverse of four remote summits in the Bob Marshall Wilderness

Part One: Hike in to Sock Lake
Part Two: Over the Peaks
July 6 - 12, 2012
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April and I left from the South Fork Teton trailhead. Our adventure required three days to approach the summits, a day to explore routes, another day to make the traverse and finally two days to hike back to the trailhead. We had some very hot weather, a few early evening thunderstorms and one period of night time thunder and rain.
Photos by Ralph Thornton and April Seubert.

We left the trailhead (left) at 8:40 am and walked abut 11 miles over Headquarters Pass and down Headquarters Peak to the North Fork of the Sun River.
We got our first look at our objective from Headquarters Pass. The Three Sisters and Redhead Peak were still far away.
The Three Sisters and Redhead Peak are on the Continental Divide in a trailless region of the Bob Marshall Wilderness.

In this photo Redhead Peak, which proved to be the most difficult of the group to climb, is on the left in the distance.

The trail in the headwaters of Headquarters Creek.
A view from near our first nights camp. We also camped in this same location five nights later on our last night.
Our camp on the North Fork of the Sun River. (This photo and the next photo below.)
A summer time view of Gates Lake. I've been here several times in fall but this was my first time in summer when everything was green.
After a long hot day on the trail we rested at the Red Shale Meadows. Our camp was to be in the basin above the meadows near Sock Lake.
Our camp for two nights near Sock Lake.
In order to reach the Three Sisters it would be necessary to climb the wall above Sock Lake.

We were serenaded on our second morning by a herd of 30 elk. The cows were warning us not to approach their calves.

The great cliffs around the basin that contains Sock Lake.
Shooting Star.
A day spent in exploration can save a lot of route finding errors while carrying a big pack. After searching around for some time we discovered a nifty route out of the Sock Lake basin and up onto the wall above.
A view of Sock Lake from the top of the Continental Divide.

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